Running With Lanier

Kj Burkhalter, Staff Author/Writer

The fall 2016 season of the Lanier Viking Cross Country team is in the books. The team’s Coach, Aurelia Cortez, says that the hard work and dedication put in by members of the team should be a source of Viking Nation pride.

“The season started off rough” according to Coach Cortez, “we only had about three kids during the summer.”

Still, as the season went on, the members of the Cross Country team were able to convince more of their peers to sign up. It went well, and, by the end of the season there were about 40 kids on the roster. In terms of competition, however, Coach Cortez suggested that there is still a lot of room for improvement. She hopes that the current members of the team can take what they learned this year and be ready for the years to come.

Indeed, some runners started off slowly, both in terms of pace and competition. As they continued to practice, the members of the team were able to beat their initial times, a clear measure of improvement.

“The first meet showed us how much we loved cross country,” said Cortez.  “At the meet the culture and atmosphere was amazing.  So many kids were pushing each other to their limit even if they weren’t on the same teams causing even more motivation.”

About that: Prospective runners should expect to sacrifice time, be dedicated, and one other thing. “You have to like to run.” said Cortez.

Students interested in Cross Country should go to T7, Cortez’s room. They must provide a physical.