Monster Concert

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Diana Feliciano

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November 29, 2017

Tuesday October 25 2016, the Lanier guitar and orchestra groups performed the “Monster  Concert” at Lanier High School. The “Monster Concert” is a “vertical team concert between Lanier and all of our middle school theaters.”  It appeared as though the guitar class encountered some issues with its performance. Geno Gottschall, the choir, guitar and orchestra teacher suggested that this may be because it was the group’s first stage performance.

Still, according to Gottschall the bands played well and made an admirable impression upon the middle school students from  Burnet, Dobie, and Webb.

Gottschall’s students from orchestra, guitar and choir groups are fundraising by selling assorted chips  which will cover the bands’ expenses to Corpus Christi in May, where they will compete at a festival. On the field trip the combined student ensembles will also visit the Selena Museum, Schlitterbahn and tour the U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier.

Closer to home Lanier students can look forward to the Big Guitar Recital on December 6, and the choir and orchestra concert on December 9.