Lanier VS. Reagan who?


Marlene Capilla and Alba Bustio

The Lanier Football Varsity Team was hyped that they were playing their arch enemy Friday, September 23, 2016. The whole school was ready for a great game! The cheerleaders, Vikettes, band, classes of 2017-2020, faculty, and staff was united for a great Pep-Rally where everybody was showing their school spirit. The cheerleaders and Viketts danced lovely, the students were loudly cheerful, band was lit, and faculty and staff were there to support! Everyone was invited to the game. The team needs all of our support and to show our support the pep-rally was there to help and we had a huge crowd show up at the game. Everything was great and, to conclude, the fight and school song were sung! ONCE A VIKING ALWAYS A VIKING!!!