Fall Festival!

Hector Machuca, Staff Writer

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“Lanier High School is holding its Fifth Annual Community Parade and Fall Festival….” -Austinisd.org

From the eventful parade to the exiting festival, Fall Fest was a joy for all of those attending it! The parade started at 10 a.m. and went through the community showing off all of the floats and talented students. The Lanier Vikettes were leading the way with Principle Hopkins dancing and spreading the viking spirit to the onlookers. The sounds of the band were so incredible people immediately began to run to the sides of the road to get a look at what was coming, and it was well worth the wait! Right behind the band came a whole smorgasbord of exciting things to see. Our local fire department joined in along with students and floats from some of our vertical team schools. Dobie Middle School and Burnet Middle School came with their cheerleaders and staff, although Burnet took it to the next level with a magnificent Boat Float that the interim Principal, Mr. Barerra, rode in full sailor attire! Not to be outdone, the elementary schools also came and represented with members of their staffs as well as students. All sporting their school logos! Guerrero Thompson Elementary showed their love of education and science as they jammed out with the “Magic School Bus” theme song and an actual school bus coming down the parade! And interspersed were Lanier Vikings of every kind. Players from Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Tennis all waved, walked, and rode on floats while the Vikettes and cheerleaders showed off our school and the CATE departments made sure they were seen as well! There was candy handed out, hands shook, and babies kissed along the way! (Ryan Hopkins)  The Lanier School Band was not the only ones playing; there was also the Dead Music Capital Band performing.The parade ended and then the festivities started as Fall Fest kicked into high gear! There were many things happening at the festival like face painting, rock climbing and a haunted house! On the outside of the school there were different organizations working and helping everyone have a grand time and serving food. Inside the cafeteria there were the community booths that helped spread information about different places like law forms and small community projects. Upstairs was the terrifying haunted house that spooked many people that went up there.This was one of the best and fun days that the Lanier community has ever experienced. GO VIKS!


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