Defeated… Once Again


Kj Burkhalter, Staff Writer

On Friday the 23rd of September our Lanier HS Football Team played against its rivals the Reagan Soul Raiders. NO other schools have more beef than Reagan and Lanier…from vandalizing each others schools to heated conflict on the football field. This year, Reagan tried to bring back home the victory once again while Lanier attempted to regain victory. Sadly, Lanier wasn’t as prepared as we were hoping and lost by a score of 2 to 69. On the other hand, both schools showed lots of spirit by cheering, chanting and staying upbeat for their team. Reagan had their “white out” and Lanier with their “black out” style were both showing team spirit. The Vikettes did a wonderful routine, as expected, while the band kept the groove and the cheerleaders kept the spirit fresh. Parents, friends, and students had all came out to support their hometown football team. Hopefully, this kind of defeat won’t happen again!