The Homecoming

Sebastian Reyes

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Friday, September 9th was a rather big night for the Lanier Viking football team, not because it was another regular season game, it just so happened to be their Homecoming game. As Lanier scored the first touchdown of the  game, the ever-prideful Vikings students in attendance were absolutely ecstatic. As half time rolled around, the accompanying school bands began playing as they presented the nominees for Kings and Queens: Josue Maldonado, Santiago De Jesus Leyva, Salvador De La Paz, and Isaac Mendoza for Homecoming King, Chantal Hernandez, Celeste Aviles, and Lauren Limuel for Homecoming Queen. After all the nominees exited the field, and the football teams returned for the third quarter of play in a game that would turn out to be a blowout in favor of the Vikings, Lanier students become rather obstreperous. The students spared no one as they hurled rolls of paper, wet paint, and anything else they could get their hands on, at the opposing team and their unfortunate fans. Shortly after this, Mr. De La Cruz issued a cease and desist order to the out of control students, with the consequence of them being ejected from the game should they choose to disregard his plea. Yet the students continued their disruptive activities whenever the Vikings scored on their hapless opponents for the evening. Hoping to put a stop to all of it, Mr. Hopkins issued a final warning to stop all disorderly conduct, and as before the request went unheard. Therefore the disruptive Lanier students were promptly ejected from the game. Even as they were escorted off of the premises by the Administrators, the rioting students went kicking and screaming, literally in this instance. Not bothering to save the festivities for later, the exultant fans continued with their boisterous actions outside of the football field. That homecoming game gave Lanier students a night to remember, not only because of the rather wide birth the Vikings won by, or the wild actions of fanatic fans, but some ungodly combination of the two. All the Lanier students left with pride for bringing the win back home.