What’s This?! Technology Everywhere!


On Wednesday the 21st, students from different technology classes attended a very special trip. We went to the Hill Country Science Mill  where we saw different kinds of technology and learned about how they function. The people there were very nice and friendly and I’m sure at least most, if not all who attended, had fun. There were many different areas where you could try out the selected type of technology in that exhibit. As soon as we entered the main building, we were led to their theater area, where we watched a 3D movie named, Tiny Giants. The movie was mainly talking about how the small things in life see a different view of the world. It was a really interesting movie and the shown animal, a chipmunk, was really cute as well. Once the movie was over, we were led to another room, where more things were waiting to be seen. There were many things that required solving a puzzle; it really made you use your brain. Some stations required you to code, using the website Scratch, and there were some building areas for making robots/cars. To me, the most intriguing was the Fractalarium room, where a crystal like object hung from the ceiling. It seemed to be voice activated because when someone spoke, the lights would start from the middle and grow. It was very beautiful because the lights would change color and there was nice violin music in the background. The field trip was a great experience and a majestic adventure!