Redwine Ready to Shine!!!!!!!!


Darius Redwine: Basketball Player #23. Lanier High School senior. At age 9 Darius became interested in basketball while watching a PLAYOFF game with his uncle, ever since then basketball has become part of his life. The way Darius plays is so incredible; not only is he good on Defense but, he’s also good on Offense. Scoring almost every game from rebounds and layups to nothing but net 3’s. He has made his name known not only at Lanier, but other high schools as well. His style on the court resembles his favorite player LeBron James because of the way LeBron plays. Darius looks up to him as a role model. Looking up to LeBron and thinking “What Would LeBron do”? Darius was selected to play in the Central Texas All-Star game this year at the Cedar Park Center where only the best of the best are selected to play. During the 2015-16 season not all games were a piece of cake, losing to Liberty Hill by about 10 points was one of his tougher games. “They were tall, so they had a height advantage” said Darius when I asked him what was so hard about the game. If you know Darius then you know on the court he is able to play any position with ease and off the court his grades are always good. One strength Darius brought to the Basketball team this year was leadership and without a leader how will a team succeed? With his leadership the team did very well this  season , making it to playoffs and being undefeated the first half of their season. I’ll say his leadership has taken the team a long way. After high school Darius, will attend college after serving his time in the Army. He has recently signed up for the Army after long thoughts and talks with his family about it; he has signed a contract for 3 years and 23 weeks. After he serves his country, he plans to go to a college somewhere in Texas and get his degree in Engineering. I asked Darius how he feels about leaving high school his response, of course, “I’m ready to get out of here, but leaving my coaches and team I’m not so ready for …. We have become a family and my teammates became my brothers, the thought of leaving them is sad, but I’m ready to go.” During his 4 years with Lanier his coaches have played a big part in helping him develop his skills and ability with activities like conditioning work outs to the Saturday workouts and the text messages from his coaches saying “come out and shoot.” His mom has also played a big part in his life and she is the reason he is the way he is now…. a very respectable young man. To everyone who have supported him through his years he wants to say THANK YOU AND I’M READY TO SHINE …. YES!!!! … YES!!!!  One of Darius’s favorite quotes is “What’s worse? The pain of hard work or the pain of regret?” – unknown