Melanie the Great


Kizra Fathima and Liz Becker

“I am not a multitalented person, I am hard working person,” says Melanie Webster, who was named Youth of the Year of 2015 by the Girls and Boys Club of Austin. Melanie is a 18 year old senior at Lanier High School who received a $5,000 scholarship from the Girls and Boys Club for outstanding leadership skills. Now, you might ask what this club really is…. well this a organization in many high schools where students can pass time doing fun activities while waiting for their parents to come and pick them up from school.  Not only are there just fun things to do at the Club, but there are also free snacks and dinner served every day. Melanie originally joined the club  Freshman year for free food and fun but, now 3 years later, she’s the Youth of the Year. She wants to go to UT and plans to study Biochemistry. Not only is she in the Boys and Girls Club,but she is also in NHS, National Honors Society, in Lanier’s Math Club, a Vikette and  teaches dance during the summer, all while keeping a GPA of 4.0. All I can say is “Damn Girl, you is on fire!” Her determination is something we all admire. For the competition for the Youth of the Year award, Melanine had to give a speech in front of three judges and choose the topic that circumstances don’t define who a person is. Melanie says that the club isn’t just a club, it’s a safe and home like environment for many kids including herself. This is what Lanier High School is about. You make us proud Melanine Webster. GO VIKS!