The Lanier Award-Winning Author


Diana F

Mariah Ortegon, Jimena Feregrino

Here at Lanier High School a teacher, Mr. Perez, published his very own book called “Seeing off the Johns.” The book has been very positively reviewed. Mr.Perez’s book started from just brain storms, “My first book was a collection of short stories- and ideas that were different, but then I brought them to one whole” he said. Based on a true story of a friend named John, who got in a car accident, he wrote a fictional story about it where the protagonist lives in a small town. Many readers say the book is very good. Some have said it seems like Judy Bloom, but geared for men instead of women. Mr.Perez’s book, “Seeing off the Johns,” won an award for National Association of Chicano, Chicana in Houston. Mr.Perez has written two books and has even written a play before.