Kizra Fatima, Liz Beacker, and Diana Feliciano

The internet is a vast part of our everyday lives. Most people as soon as they wake up, check their phones for the new recent updates that have been around while they were out. Well this is the most recent hashtag that is out now. #IStandwithMuslims is a social media campaign on the Global Student Square that was launched by two high school journalists earlier this week. The main goal of this campaign is to remind Americans about the tolerance that shaped this country. GSS is trying to get the word out and you can help us. All you have to do is take a picture with your friends while explaining why you stand with Muslims using the hashtag. Not only are you helping spread the word about this new hashtag, you also have a possibility of winning a $50 because the Global Student Square is offering a $50 prize for the top three photos. Or,  you can  also just post photos to Twitter and Instagram while using #IStandWithMuslims hashtag and tag @GSSVoices and globalstudentsquare on Instagram so they can find your picture. I hope to see y’all’s pictures soon and good luck!