Viking Headed to State!


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Raevin Canales, Staff Writer

It’s official! Hugo Carreon is the 7th best 5A trumpet player in the area! He was only 4 chairs away from going to State! Hugo is a very talented trumpet player and he says,” I practice 2-3 hours everyday.” This is why he is very talented…by practicing as much as he can or wants. The day of the contest I asked, ” How did you feel when you got to the contest?” he says, ” I felt nervous, but confident because I knew the music very well, and working my tail off everyday practicing it to perfect it.”

Also, after he had finished his auditions and got the results I asked what was going through his mind. He says, “I was proud of myself because I said ‘ Hard work pays off.'” Hugo says that practicing everyday to become a better player will help a lot even if you think you won’t make it. I asked, ” How did you know it takes a lot of practicing to be the best?” He says, ” I knew because  my tutor told me, ‘ The more you practice the more you’re going to get.” He is the best trumpet player here at Lanier High School, so I asked, “How does it feel to be the best trumpet player at Lanier?” he stated, “Well, I don’t like to admit that I am the best because I know anybody can be where I am at if they practice a bunch, it just takes hard work and dedication to do what you want. I didn’t naturally get my talent, I had to work for it.” And for the last question I asked, “Will you continue playing music after high school?” He says, “I will, I’m planning to work for my Doctoral Degree in music education.”