Building the Future!

Kenia Urbina, Victoria Arellano, and Edwin Sarmiento

Construction technology will be very useful for your future. It would be good for students to start from their sophomore year and continue their senior year. If you participate in the program at Lanier High School you could earn up to 23 college credits (it becomes like a dual credit class). If you take these classes you have the potential to earn $25.62 per hour as an electrician which means you earn $53,294 annually. According to Mr. Harmon,”This field is not only for men, but for women also”. They will earn the same salary. Young women are encouraged to participate in this program. There is a growing population of women in this construction industry. ” These are also many business opportunities for women in the construction field”. Construction is going to be everywhere around the whole world you always going to have the door open. Come to Lanier high school for good career we will have the doors open for your future.